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Narendra Modi`s rallies in Maharashtra on Sunday: As it happened

After addressing rallies in Baghpat and Gohana BJP`s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is set to hold a rally in Amarvati in Maharashtra.

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14:45 pm Narendra Modi concluded his speech. He is due to address another rally in Karnataka today.

14:42 pm I want to stop price-rise, corruption, unemployment and they (Congress) only wants to stop me, Modi states.

14:41 pm Congress doesn`t bother about the betterment of the country but I want your help to make the country better, Modi says.

14:40 pm Modi says that he is trying to find a solution to country`s problems but they (Congress) are finding solution to stop Modi.

14:38 pm Mocking the Congress party, Modi says that its method of conducting a probe is by rewarding corrupt people by a ticket to fight polls.

14:36 pm Modi says that those who have looted country war heroes won`t be speared once BJP forms government at the Centre.

14:34 pm Continuing his unrelenting attack on Congress, Modi says war windows have been looted by Congress`s Chavan.

14:32 pm In Nanded, Modi is taking direct aim at Congress, asks why it is handing out ticket to tained politicians to contest upcoming polls.

14:30 pm Narendra Modi is now addressing is supporters in former Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan`s constituency – Nanded.

Narendra Modi is now addressing his third rally in a day in Maharashtra

12: 44 pm He says that the UPA policies are not helping the farmers.

12: 44 pm Modi says that Lal Bahadur Shashtri`s slogan "Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan" has translated into "Mar Jawan, Mar Kisan" for the Congress party.

12: 41 pm In a bid to woo the farmers, Modi says that the Congress party is not concerned about the dying farmers of the state.

12: 39 pm He rakes up the soldier beheading issue once again, says that when the Pakistani`s cut the head of our brave soldiers, the leaders at the Centre were busy hosting dinner of the Pak politicians.

12: 38 pm People are fed of Congress, now the mood of the country is in the favour of BJP.

12: 36 pm Taking on the Congress, Modi that the time is over for the Congress party.

12: 31 pm Modi hits out at state government for water paucity.

12: 27 pm Modi begin his address in Marathi.

Now, Narendra Modi addresses rally in Akola

11: 45 am Local Body tax (LBT) is nothing but Looto Baato Tax, Modi says, adds that this tax is ruining the traders of Maharashtra.

11: 39 am Modi raises "lotus and Modi" poll pitch in Amravati.

11: 36 am Modi in Amravati appeals for a Congress-free nation and NCP-free Maharashtra.

11: 32 am Further attacking the Congress party in Amravati, Modi says that it is not bothered be it death of farmers or development.

11: 29 am These people in Congress don`t know what poverty is and what the pain of the poor is, Modi says.

11: 26 am Calling Rahul shahzada, again, and says that he doesn`t know the pain of people who sleep on cold night without a shelter over their heads.

11: 23 am The Lok Sabha elections are a fight for good governance. After May 16, there will be a time for good governance, Modi in Amravati says.

11: 17 am Modi points that Gujarat model was found to be most developed by Rajiv Gandhi foundation ans asks will Rahul now question its chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

11: 15 am Modi also targets Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi over his claim that the Gujarat model balloon will burst soon.

11: 13 am Raking up the farmers` suicides issue, Modi says that Pawar should focus on dying farmers instead of cricket.

11: 13 am Modi says that the Agriculture Minister is itself from Maharashtra but has failed to save the farmers of the state who are committing suicides.

11: 10 am Narendra Modi addresses rally in farmers suicide belt of Amravati and targets Union Agriculture minister Shahrad Pawar.

Narendra Modi begins speaking in Amravati

After addressing rallies in Baghpat and Gohana BJP`s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi holds rally in Amravati in Maharashtra.

Ahead of his rally in Nanded, Modi has questioned Congress giving ticket to tainted former Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan. Meanwhile, Chavan has hit out at Modi for his silence over BJP fielding BS Yeddyurappa in the Lok Sabha polls. "Modi needn`t worry about Maharastra, enough growth here," Chavan told reporters.

Launching a blistering attack on the ruling Congress party, Bharatiya Janata Party`s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Saturday called himself the future prime minister of the country.
Under attack from critics for 2002 riots in Gujarat, Modi had yesterday said that the country did not want "poison of communalism" and needed safety and development instead.

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