Sonia, Rahul cannot slam Guj land policy after Centre`s report: Modi

Narendra Modi on Tuesday latched on to a Commerce and Industry Ministry-sponsored report to slam Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.

PTI| Last Updated: May 07, 2014, 00:53 AM IST

New Delhi: Narendra Modi on Tuesday latched on to a Commerce and Industry Ministry-sponsored report to slam Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, saying they have nowhere to go after "toffee model" of Gujarat`s land acquisition policy was adjudged as the best practice by their own government.

The report released today has showcased the Gujarat model of land acquisition as the best practice, which can be "emulated" by other states with some modifications.

"You (Sonia and Rahul) have been abusing Modi, but your sins have overflowed. The report released by your Commerce and Industry Ministry, not Gujarat government, says the land policy of Gujarat is the simplest...

"It says other states should follow the path of Gujarat in land acquisition for industrial progress and development. Madam Soniaji, Rahul Bhaiyya what will you do now? You had been terming it `toffee model` and `baloon`. Now the same toffee model has been given trophy by your government," he said in a scathing attack on Gandhis while addressing a 3D rally.

Citing the report, he took a jibe at Congress, saying it was clear that its luck was bad and its "death" was certain.

"It`s good they have been slapped a day before polls," he said.

Rahul in his campaign has often derided the land acquisition policy in Gujarat as "toffee model" under which select industrialists were given land for the price of toffees.

Talking of his rally in Gandhi family bastion of Amethi, he said he has hit a nail in the coffin of Congress and there was a talk of development in the high profile Lok Sabha seat for the first time.
The BJP`s prime ministerial candidate alleged that never before in the Indian electoral history an attempt was made to seek votes by abusing one man.

"Criticism has been made. Indira Gandhi was attacked. But for the first time no need for facts was felt which shows the bankruptcy of Congress. They had nothing to say so they would manufacture some abuse in morning and repeat it whole day," he said, blaming Gandhis for this "ugliest episode" in campaign.

Modi said he felt no "rancour" and was interested in the change of politics and asked people to walk together with him for effecting this change.

Hitting out at BSP and SP over its their politics of revenge, Modi said, "The BSP and SP take revenge after coming to power. One carves out a new district other undoes the same decision. One names (a particular place) while the other changes it. This is childish. We have to do the politics of development and I need your help"

He slammed Congress for having an alliance with "jailed" people, in an obvious reference to Lalu Prasad-led RJD.
"In Bihar, the whole election is happening through people who have been released from jail. The condition of Congress has become so bad that they do not have workers and are forced to take help from those who have come out of jail," he said.

Modi termed himself as a boatmen who is not scared of sea and whose habit is taking on storm and claimed that the country`s condition might be bad but it was not difficult for him to turn it around.