Goa serial killer accuses police of implicating him

Goa`s alleged serial Killer Mahanand Naik accused police of planting series of murder cases against him.

Panaji: Goa`s alleged serial Killer Mahanand Naik accused police of planting series of murder cases against him.

"I was taken to various spots in a police jeep. Police were also carrying bones wrapped in the plastic bag and planting at the spot to conduct the panchanama," Mahanand told
Television channel reporters outside the court premises in Panaji yesterday. The footage was aired on a local news channel here on Saturday.

He was brought to the court from Sada sub jail for the final order about a rape case filed against him by his wife`s 22-year-old friend.

The killer has been acquitted in three out of 16 cases of murder of young girls. He, however, was convicted by Additional District and Sessions court for raping the girl, his wife`s friend, in 2009.

Ponda police have claimed that Mahanand killed the girls by luring them to isolated spots and strangulating them with dupatta. Mahanand said in an informal talk that a Police sub inspector attached to Ponda police was brain behind implicating him in the cases. “Who could do anything when they are in police custody? They used to hit me and bundle me in the police jeep and take me to various spots. They shot my confessions on camera by forcing me to say things which I never did," the 40-year-old alleged killer said.

He claimed that the police had brought a special status and kept in the police station where he was asked to practice the strangulation. "They showed me how the person is strangulated with dupatta. When I refused they hit me with iron rod. And when I did that, it was shot and they showed it as my confession," Mahanand, whose crime spans over one and half decade, said.
Mahanand said he was aware that some dramatists had produced a local form of drama `tiatre` on him showing him as a villain. "Police provided all the required help to dramatists to produce the drama," he said.

The alleged killer was first arrested for raping a girl in May 2009. Police claimed that during the interrogation, Mahanand confessed to string of murders, which were till date had remained a mystery.

Police had said that Mahanand, a former auto rickshaw driver and a married man, used to befriend with gullible girls from poor families under the guise of marrying them, and later kill them to take away their gold.