Narendra Modi`s Vijay Sankalp rally in Goa: As it happened

A fee of Rs 5 has been charged from people attending BJP`s prime ministerial candidate for 2014 General Elections Narendra Modi`s `Vijay Sankalp` rally in Goa on Sunday.

Last Updated: Jan 13, 2014, 00:33 AM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Manisha Singh

7:26 pm: Narendra Modi signs off with Bande Matram.

7:25 pm: I once again congratulate the people of Goa – Modi.

7:24 pm: For food, security, welfare of women and farmers, for progressive nation, for ridding this country of nepotism, to rid this county of corruption, for unity of the country, for good governance and for growth, vote for India – Modi.

7:23 pm: I request you to repeat after me - vote for India – Modi.

7:22 pm: We always give vote to people or party, But 2014 polls is not the same. We should vote for the country. We have to vote for India. We have to vote for the welfare of this country – Modi.

7:21 pm: I am proud of the fact the way people took part in run for unity – Modi.

7:20 pm: Goa has a uniform civil code. For the BJP its India first. For us there is only one religion and that is the constitution of this country. The strength of the governments is the strength of the people – Modi.
7:19 pm: The people of this country have to decide whether they want those who are seen on TV screens or those who are decisive and strong leaders – Modi.

7:18 pm: I have been serving my state for years but could not make it to the headlines of newspapers, neither could I make my place on TV screens but I made my place in the hearts of the people – Modi.

7:17 pm: We will get both the seats from Goa - Modi

7:16 pm: This present govt in Delhi has taken India back to fifty years. Those who support them are also to be blamed – Modi.

7:15 pm: The Central govt did nothing on the issue of price rise and could not stop corruption – Modi.

7:14 The govt in Delhi should be asked as to what they have done in ten years - Modi

7:12 pm: Some leaders today said that they wanted special status for Goa for Goa`s identity and environment and tradition and not for money. I am proud of them – Modi.

7:11 pm: BJP leaders work for the people of this country selflessly – Modi.

7:10 pm: After being the PM for so long, Atal Bihari Vajpayee still does not have his own house to live - Modi.

7:09 pm: And if you tell the PM about such things then he says that he will see to it. That`s all - Modi

7:08 pm: Law and order is a state subject, says Modi. Shinde is hurting the concept of federalism, Modi adds.

7:07 pm: Will it be decided on the basis of religion if an accused is to be arrested or not. Shouldn`t the guilty be punished, irrespective of his religion, asks Modi.

7:06 pm Shinde writes to chief ministers and says that make sure not to arrest people from minority community. I ask why not. This is vote bank politics – Modi.
7:06 pm: Modi takes on Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde.

7:05 pm: The govt in Delhi has weakened the federal structure of this country – Modi.

7:04 pm: I have heard that there was a Jayanti tax in Delhi. Otherwise the environment files would not move – Modi.

7:03 pm: We will bring transparency in mining in Goa – Modi.

7:02 pm: The Centre did nothing when the mining industry was destroyed in Goa – Modi.

7:01 pm: I believe in decentralisation – Modi.

7:00 pm: I will make sure that these ills are removed from the country – Modi.

6:59 pm: The power was centred around at a place where there was no accountability – Modi.

6:58 pm: If you look at what has happened in the past ten years, then we can say that the country has never seen such bad times – Modi.

6:57 pm: But was the country was never prepared in he right way to face the 21st century – Modi.

6:56 pm: Rajiv Gandhi said that 21st century was coming and we have to be ready for it – Modi.

6:55 pm: Should we not punish those who brought misery upon you – Modi.

6:55 pm: I ask you, do you want to live the life that your parents lived – Modi.

6:54 pm: Congress is shameless. They are unashamed on the issue of corruption – Modi.

6:53 pm: Whether it is dynastic politics or vote bank politics or poverty, to rid country of all this we have to have a Congress free India – Modi.

6:52 pm: Congress mukht Bharat is not our slogan but the slogan of the people of this country – Modi.

6:51 pm: The people of this country has decided to rid India of Congress rule – Modi.

6:50 pm: This is the strength of BJP. See MP CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Raman Singh - Modi.

6:49 pm: Our party chooses a person like me to lead the party. If this had not been the principle and ethos of the BJP, then a boy selling tea at a railway station would not be standing in front of you - Modi.

6:48 pm: Manohar Parikar comes from a simple family – Modi.

6:47 pm: I saw that Manohar Parikar was there at the site of the building collapse himself. This is the character of the BJP - Modi.

6:47 pm: Out party has aught us to be sad when the people are sad and to be happy when people are happy – Modi.

6:46 pm: I am happy that Rs 5 collected for my rally is to be given to the victims of building collapse in Goa - Modi.

6:46 pm: I congratulate all for choosing a leader like Manohar Parikar – Modi.

6:45 pm: I Congratulate the people of this state for choosing this government - Modi.

6:44 pm: The TV media of this country does not give attention to Goa. We hear news from Goa only when there is an accident of sorts - Modi.

6:42 pm: Modi addresses rally in Goa. He greets people in Konkani and then switches over to Hindi.

A fee of Rs 5 has been charged from people attending BJP`s prime ministerial candidate for 2014 General Elections Narendra Modi`s `Vijay Sankalp` rally in Goa on Sunday.

The rally is being held at Merces near Ribandar bypass. Tight security arrangements have been made for the rally and around 1,000 state buses have been booked to ferry people to the venue.