CBI likely to question three BJP leaders on Friday

The Central Bureau of Investigation is likely to question BJP Rajya Sabha MPs Prakash Javadekar who figured in a sting operation.

Updated: Sep 26, 2013, 23:53 PM IST

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is likely to question on Friday BJP Rajya Sabha MPs Prakash Javadekar, Bhupendra Yadav and party general secretary Ramlal who figured in a sting operation where they were purportedly trying to discuss ways to influence the mother of the victim of fake encounter Tulsi Prajapati.

Sources said Javadekar, Yadav and Ramlal have been contacted by the CBI and may be asked to present themselves for questioning on the sting operation that was conducted by a journalist.

CBI sources said the questioning could take place on Friday.

The three leaders have refuted the charge and maintained that they are innocent. Javadekar had said he is ready to answer all questions pertaining to the CD.

In the sting operation, the leaders are purportedly shown discussing how Prajapati`s mother Narmadabai can be convinced to change her Vakalatnama. She has filed a case alleging her son was killed in a fake encounter.

However, the BJP has claimed there is nothing "incriminating" against the three leaders in the sting operation.

Meanwhile, the CBI on Thursday questioned Rubabuddin, the brother of another fake encounter victim Sohrabuddin Sheikh, a friend of Prajapati who was also killed in a fake encounter, in connection with allegations that senior BJP leaders had conspired to derail the probe in Prajapati`s extra-judicial killing in which former minister Amit Shah is an accused.

CBI sources said Rubabuddin was called as a witness in connection with the sting operation and alleged senior BJP leaders wanted to sabotage the investigations in the Prajapati fake encounter case.

Prajapati, who was allegedly a witness to Sohrabuddin`s murder, was killed on December 2006--a year after Sheikh was shot dead in a fake encounter in Gujarat.

The journalist, who conducted the sting operation, had alleged senior BJP leaders managed to get undated blank `Vakalatnamas` from Narmadabai to allegedly subvert the judicial proceedings.