Gujarat has been nurtured with Sadbhavna: Governor

Gujarat Governor Kamla said the state has been nurtured with the virtue of `Sadbhavna` (goodwill).

Gandhinagar: Gujarat Governor Kamla today
said the state has been nurtured with the virtue of
`Sadbhavna` (goodwill).

"Gujarat has been nurtured with the virtue of
Sadbhavna - the spirit to reach out to the people. In order to
preserve the national unity and integrity, the Government has
curbed communalism, casteism, regionalism through peace, unity
and fraternity," she said in her address to the Budget session
of the Legislative Assembly.

"To give further momentum to the development of the
state, the Government has endeavoured to institutionalise
these noble goals through Sadbhavna Mission (undertaken by the
Chief Minister Modi)."

"Because of its development, Gujarat has been widely
acknowledged as the model state and the efforts put in by the
Chief Minister are taken note of at various levels, nationally
and internationally," she said.

Congress members staged a walkout during the
Governor`s customary speech which was full of praise for the
BJP Government led by Narendra Modi.

Peace, unity and integrity lie at the root of the
development achieved by Gujarat in the last decade, the
Governor said.

The Centre allocated Rs 2,411 crore to several states
in 2010-11 towards compensation for the Central Sales Tax
(CST. The Government of Gujarat sent its claim of Rs 1,428.25
crore for 2010-11 towards the compensation, she said.

"An amount of Rs 2,750 crore towards the compensation
for the CST is due from the Government of India up to December
2011. In spite of such a scenario, the Government here has
maintained economic stability," she said.


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