Killer rage: 6 murders, 7 attempts in 20 days in Ahmedabad

Last Updated: Monday, September 2, 2013 - 12:58

Ahemdabad: From brutal murders in cold blood by dreaded criminals to a man killing his own brother in the heat of the moment, the city has been witnessing sudden rise in murders and attempt to murders in recent time.

Within 20 days (August 9-28), city police stations have registered six cases of murders and seven cases of attempt to murders.

These cases include some cold blooded and pre-planned murders, where the deceased has been brutally attacked by the accused. Other cases involve common people who end up killing someone in the heat of the moment and then land up in police lock-up.

A case in point is that of Munna Shamal, 27, who, when his wife Laxmi came to wake him up, pushed her with such force that her head hit the window resulting in her death.

Then there are cases of a man setting his wife ablaze after arguments, and of another stabbing his brother over a trivial matter.

City-based psychologists are attributing such behaviour to several factors, including the hardships faced by the citizens in current socio-economic environment, which is making it difficult for people to earn their livelihood and run their families.

“Life is getting difficult nowadays and hardships are mounting. Hence, people are losing their cool over small issues. Their level of tolerance has come down,” said Ashwin Jansari, head, department of psychology, Gujarat University.

In his opinion, transfer of aggression is turning normal people into killers. “They must have accumulated aggression over a period of time. During a verbal fight or argument, the aggression leads to a violent act, for which, they repent later,” said Jansari.

Some psychologists blame lack of education, values, and exposure to crime-related television programmes for increase in murderous tendency among people. They believe that the overall level of stress has increased while tolerance has decreased.

“Due to lack of education and proper parenting, these people cannot differentiate between what is good and what is bad.

Many a time, they just want to vent their accumulated anger by brutally attacking someone,” said Dr Prashant Bhimani, consulting psychologist.

When it comes to dreaded criminals, Bhimani blames TV programmes and influence of films. “TV programmes show elaborate dramatisation of murders and other crimes. It works like tutorials for them. They make sure not to repeat the mistake depicted in the TV programme,” said Bhimani.

DNA/Prashant Thakor

First Published: Monday, September 2, 2013 - 12:58

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