Modi "wasting" public money through his fast: Cong

Congress said NDA would collapse if Narendra Modi was projected as BJP`s prime ministerial candidate.

New Delhi: Congress on Saturday attacked Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his fast accusing him of "wasting" public money through his "drama" and said NDA would collapse if Modi was projected BJP`s prime ministerial candidate.

The party also said Modi wanted to wash away the "stains" of his past "crimes" through this fast.

"Narendra Modi and BJP have been interpreting the Supreme Court order (on Gulberg Societ riot case) as a victory. And hence it seems Modi is celebrating his victory by splurging the hard-earned money of 6 crore Gujaratis," AICC general secretary in-charge for Gujarat Mohan Prakash said.

Accusing Modi of "polluting even the concept of fast", Prakash said "a fast is always done individually and in a simple manner. It is done generally done for penance. Modi is polluting even fast. He is celebrating his victory through this drama of fast."

Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi said it appeared Modi had realised "the crimes he committed in the past" and hence "wanted to wash away the stains of his crime by fasting. But the stains of not all crimes are washed away in this manner."

Alvi said that the NDA will collapse if Modi was projected BJP`s Prime Minsterial candidate. "If Modi is projected as Prime Ministerial candidate, it will be difficult for NDA to keep its flock together. NDA will break that way. Bihar Chief Miniser Nitish Kumar did not allow Modi to come to Bihar during elections and was even ready to break from the alliance on the issue. Even an ally of NDA is ready to tolerate Modi," he said.

Mohan Prakash said nobody becomes a Prime Minister on the basis of any certificate by a foreign country or by a few industrialists involved in the "loot" of people`s money in Gujarat. Prakash was apparently alluding to the US Congressional report which praised Modi as well the encomiums showered on Modi by some industrialists before the last Lok Sabha polls.

He also stressed "some economic powers of the world want to weaken the democracy in India."

Noting that BJP has been interpreting the Supreme Court order as a "victory" of Modi, Prakash said "I believe the Supreme Court must be taking cognisance of the reactions BJP has given to its order."

He said the fast is being organized by Modi and BJP to "deflect" attention from "corruption" issues being faced by the Gujarat government.

"CAG has found out irregularities worth Rs 26,000 crore there. Then, BJP is also facing criticism for not appointing Lokayuktas in Gujarat. The central leadership of BJP is participant in all these things and hence doing this fast to deflect attention," he said.

Prakash said BJP has answer for its "failure in saving 68 lives (during post Godhara riots)". These 68 people are still demanding justice and the state government has no answer for that, he said.

Noting that Modi has gone to the fast with a copy of Ramcharita Manas, Alvi said "whether Modi has an idea about the Ram Rajya as described. In the Ram Rajya, nobody had any hatred for anybody and the mighty and the weak lived together”.

“Did Modi take even a single step towards that? There are certain crimes for which there is penance and Modi`s crimes fall in that category".


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