Modi`s fast just a drama: All India Ulema Board

Maulana Bunai Noaim Hasani said condition of Muslims had not improved in Gujarat in the past few years.

Mumbai: Dubbing the three-day fast of the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as a "drama", the All India Ulema Board on Monday said that the minority community was
not any better off in the state.

"The five-star fast by Narendra Modi is a drama and there is no right motive behind is not for any good cause," Maulana Bunai Noaim Hasani told reporters here.

Condition of Muslims had not improved in Gujarat in the past few years, and they were living as "refugees", he said.

The fast raised suspicions about the motive, he said.

He said the people should be wary of the politicians who resort to stunts such as this.

Jamiat-e-Ulema president Abdul Salaam Khan Qasmi said both Congress and Modi both were fooling the people.

"People are being fooled by the Congress and Narendra Modi. But people know their records," he said.

"If Modi regrets the 2002 riots in Gujarat, then he should visit the victims homes and shed some crocodile tears," Qasmi said.


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