Narendra Modi seeks to make world record with tallest statue of Sardar Patel

Amidst the row over the legacy of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi along with BJP veteran leader LK Advani laid the foundation stone for the `Statue of Unity` in Narmada district.

Updated: Oct 31, 2013, 16:59 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Kamna Arora

12:33 pm: Modi concludes his speech.

12:31 pm: On December 15, there will be a `Run for Unity` programme.

12:30 pm: I am thankful to Advani ji. And today we got his blessings: Narendra Modi
12:29 pm: Our unity is our guarantee for a bright future.

12:27 pm: The country comes before the party - the PM can come inaugurate this and I won`t come if he doesn`t want. But this project should be completed.

12:26 pm: Don`t give me credit but there should be no place for politics in such work. Let the Congress take credit. Please do this for our farmers, give permission to finish the dam, urges Modi.

12:24 pm: Narendra Modi hits out at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, alleging the Centre was not allowing the completion of the Sardar Sarovar Dam. "I want to tell the PM that Rajasthan and Guajrat want water, Madhya Pradesh wants electricity."

12:22 pm: Top nahi chaiye, talwar nahi chaiye, kisan ka auzaar chaiye. Each citizen of this country will say even my village is there in the statue.

12:19 pm: The statue will be intact for centuries. We don`t want to merely contribute from the exchequer and build this statue. We want this to be an exercise in unity. Sardar Patel was a farmer and the `iron man`, so we have sought farm implements from all villages.

12:18 pm: We`ll have photographs of headmen of seven lakh villages and their stories in a digital display here.

12:16 pm: We want people from all over the world to see this (statue of unity) as a symbol of India`s glory and an inspiration to our countrymen.

12:14 pm: We want our future to be integrated with history and that is our effort. Our society needs to be conscious of its history. This statue is our gift to our future generations, says Modi.

12:13 pm: `Then why fight over Sardar Patel? Previous advertisements ignored Patel but today they focus on him. This is the effect of Gujarat.

12:12 pm: We got Mahatma Mandir constructed. None challenged us - Modi you are in BJP and Gandhi ji never belonged to the party, says Modi. Our country has been torn apart by factionalism and communalism and to restore the country`s image we need to take the message of unity to every doorstep, adds Modi.

12:10 pm: We can’t progress without Shanti, Ekta, Sadbhavana (Peace, unity and goodwill). Can the milk of a mother be divided, asks Modi.
12:08 pm: Our heart should beat for the nation: Narendra Modi

12:06 pm: Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar is like a God for the Dalit community. No one asks which party he belonged to. His life inspires us, says Modi.

12:05 pm: Sardar Patel worked towards unifying the country and not dividing people within the country. This is Patel`s secularism. He rebuilt the Somnath temple, thinking of our heritage and not religion. I urge the PM, let us all work towards the secular ideals of Sardar Patel. No matter which party one belongs to, all out hearts should be together for the country, exhorts Modi.

12:04 pm: I hail Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for saying Sardar Patel was truly secular. We also say we need the secularism practised by Sardar Patel not the one inspired by vote bank.

12:02 pm: Mahatma Gandhi fought against untouchability all his life but now there is political untouchability and we need to end this: Modi.

12:01 pm: To affiliate Sardar Patel with any party would be an insult.

11:59 am: Were Maharana Pratap, Rajguru, Sukhdev BJP members? Do we respect only leaders who belong to the BJP? We respect leaders who have sacrificed their lives for this country, says Modi.

11:58 am: After Chanakaya, if there was a Maha Purush who integrated the nation, it was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, says Modi.

11:57 am: It is important to think about our global positioning. We need to emerge as a strength in the world and there are various ways of doing it. This statue of unity is part of India`s global positioning. We will project Patel`s legacy to the whole world, says Modi.

11:56 am: When Vajpayee ji conducted the nuclear tests, world had to take note of India. Who would look at China? But then they built Shanghai. People looked at Japan when they ran bullet trains, notes Modi.

11:55 am: It was when (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee ji became the PM, this 5 PM tradition was broken. Since then, it’s presented in the morning: Narendra Modi

11:54 am: The budget is presented at 5 pm because when the British ruled, 5 pm in India was about 11 am their time.

11:53 am: We still have colonial mindset, even after so many years of independence, says Modi.

11:52 am: Look at Kutch, there was negative growth, people were going away but we sent water and now Kutch is developing. People in Rajasthan thank us for providing Narmada water: Narendra Modi

11:51 am: We want our farmers to get water. Sardar Patel dreamt of it and we want to fulfil his dreams.

11:50 am: Sardar Sarovar Shilanyas was done by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. However, many governments spent a lot in this project but we have spent double of what has been spent by the other governments in last 10 years.

11:49 am: The Sadar Sarovar dam has been taking water to Gujarat and Rajasthan. Water is important in these states. It is one area for which we should contribute substantial amount of money.

11:48 am: It was Sardar Patel’s dream - the dam on Narmada.

11:47 am: The Gujarat government has decided to make Garudeshwar a `taluka`: Narendra Modi

11:46 am: People from many fields have given me suggestions, their blessings for working towards Sardar Patel`s statue. I want to thank everyone who inspired me to build state of unity, says Modi.

11:45 am: LK Advani is our mentor and guide. A historic event is taking place on the banks of the Narmada here today. Many have worked towards this dream, says Modi.

11:44 am: Narendra Modi begins speech.

11:43 am: Advani ends speech.

11:40 am: I congratulate Narendra Modi, who the BJP has declared as their PM candidate. I am sharing my joy and pride on this announcement: Advani

11:38 am: People go to see Statue of Liberty, but when they will come to know that Narendra Modi has built this Statue of Unity, everyone will be proud, says Advani.

11:33 am: Sardar Patel did what no other leader could do: Advani

11:32 am: Sardar Patel died in 1950. He managed everything so well and integrated prince states during the short span from 1947-1950, notes Advani

11:30 am: Advani urges the audience to read the two books by VP Menon to know more about the greatness of Sardar Patel.

11:28 am: Sardar Patel played an important role in unifying 565 princely states with India: Advani

11:25 am: Many princely states bargained to get merged with Pakistan, says Advani.

11:23 am: Sardar Patel told the Hyderabad Nizam that the atrocities by Razakars would not be tolerated by Independent India, says Advani.

11:21 am: If Sardar Patel were not there, India would have been divided into pieces. There would not be two but many divisions: Advani

11:17 am: One of the reasons why the British left India was the continuous struggle under the leadership of Gandhi ji, Sardar Patel and other leaders.

11:15 am: Not just our Congress leaders, but other revolutionaries also fought for freedom against the British rule: LK Advani

11: 13 am: Angrez, who directly ruled more than half of India, decided to divide British India and give independence to princely states.

11:11 am: Those who did not witness colonial period say there was nothing wrong during that time and rulers were very decent.

11:10 am: I came to Gujarat for the first time in 1945.

11:09 am: I am really pleased today to be here, says Advani. My relation with Gujarat began when I was very young.

11:08 am: Advani begins speech.

11:04 am: Advani will release a book on the occasion.

11:03 am:: Modi, Advani lay foundation stone for Statue of Unity in Kevadiya, Narmada.

11:01 am: A film on Sardar Patel is being shown. Modi, Advani are present on the dais.

10:55 am: Ceremonial lamp being lit by Advani, Modi

10:52 am: Advani and Modi arrive at the venue.

8:00 am: Amidst the row over the legacy of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel between the Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi along with BJP veteran leader LK Advani will lay the foundation stone for the `Statue of Unity` in Narmada district.

Advani, also a Member of Parliament from Gandhinagar, will be the chief guest at the function.

The ceremony will take place near Sadhubet at Kevadia colony close to the main Sardar Sarvoar dam.

During the ceremony, Advani will launch the book, `Hind ke Sardar`.