Narmada canal water to be released to recharge rivers, lakes

The Gujarat govt has decided to release 8,000 cusec of water from Narmada Main Canal.

Updated: May 22, 2010, 11:42 AM IST

Vadodara: The Gujarat Government has decided to release 8,000 cusec of water from the Narmada Main Canal to recharge six seasonal rivers and 183 lakes in north Gujarat from May 25 to 31 with a view to solve the drinking water problem of the people and cattle in the region.

This comes to about 4,000 mcft (million cubic feet) which should suffice for the water-starved region, Water Resources Minister Nitin Patel said on Friday.

The rivers to be recharged include Saidak, Mahor, Watrak, Sabarmati, Rupen and Banas. The water thus released would recharge the underground water table also.

Part of this water would be pumped up with the help of four pipelines under Sujalam Sufalam Yojna for the upstream areas in Sabarkantha, Gandhinagar, Banaskantha, Ahmedabad and Surendranagar districts, the Minister said.
Similarly, he said, 1,000 mcft water would be released from the Kadana dam to recharge five rivers, eight lakes and 61 check dams over 15 days. This would recharge rivers like Bhadar, Dhamni, Mahor, Majhum and Meshwo.