New Lokayukta Bill `mockery of judicial process`: Gujarat governor

"This is nothing but mockery of the whole judicial process," Guj Governor said in a remarks against Modi govt as she returned new Lokayukta Bill.

Ahmedabad: "This is nothing but mockery of the whole judicial process," Gujarat Governor Kamla Beniwal said in stinging remarks against the Narendra Modi government as she returned the new Lokayukta Bill for reconsideration by the legislative assembly.

Beniwal, who has been locked in a protracted turf battle with the Modi government over appointment of Lokayukta, had yesterday declined to give assent to the bill and returned it to the government for reconsideration by the House.

"I am of the view that the provisions of Gujarat Lokayukta Aayog Bill 2013 are detrimental to the interest of public welfare and the state legislature needs rethinking on the issues mentioned in the interest of the people of Gujarat," she said in the seven-page note sent with the bill to the state government.

"This is nothing but the mockery of the whole judicial process," she said in the note which castigated the Modi government for several flaws in the legislation.

She termed the procedure proposed in the bill for appointment of the Lokayukta as "faulty".

The bill proposes a six-member selection committee headed by the chief minister for appointing the Lokayukta. The Speaker of the legislative assembly, a minister nominated by the chief minister, Leader of Opposition, a judge of the high court nominated by the Chief Justice and Chief Vigilance Commissioner of the state will be its other members.

"The above provisions regarding the constitution of the selection committee show that out of six members, four will be definitely and undoubtedly belonging to one political party-- the CM, Speaker, minister appointed by CM, and Vigilance Commissioner.

"The very constitution of the selection committee suggests that Leader of Opposition and judge would be in minority and their voice would have hardly any significance because their objections could be easily overruled," the Governor said.


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