PM misleading country on Sonia Gandhi`s tours: Narendra Modi

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi accused Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of misleading the country on the issue of Sonia Gandhi`s foreign trips.

Updated: Oct 06, 2012, 09:06 AM IST

Jamnagar: A more combative Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Friday night accused Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of misleading the country on the issue of Congress president Sonia Gandhi`s foreign trips, quoting RTI replies from Indian embassies.

"The Prime Minister is misguiding the country. I ask the Prime Minister as a common man to come clean. The RTI reply received from various Indian embassies abroad says lakhs of rupees were spent on Soniaji`s foreign trips," Modi claimed.

Modi`s fresh allegation came on a day when the Prime Minister`s Office issued a statement, saying government had not spent money on overseas visits of the UPA chairperson or on her medical treatment and rubbished Modi`s earlier claim that government had spent Rs 1,880 crore on her trips.

Addressing a huge campaign rally in Jamnagar on Friday night, Modi said Ramesh Sharma, a youth from Hisar, had got some information from Indian embassies

"The Prime Minister, in a statement today (Friday), said only Rs 3 lakh were spent on her trips abroad," Modi said, adding that RTI replies revealed that lakhs of rupees were spent.

"Sonia Gandhi`s visit to London twice in 2007 and 2011 -- the money spent was Rs 2.82 lakh and Rs 35 lakh respectively. Money spent on her two trips to China was Rs 14 lakh and Rs 12 lakh respectively," he said, reading from the RTI replies.

He went on to give names of other countries she had visited and the expenditures incurred.

The chief minister further said he had never sought the details of medical treatment expenses of Sonia Gandhi.