Sonia`s Rajkot rally statement full of half-truths: BJP

The BJP said Sonia Gandhi`s statement that the Opposition had always obstructed the passing of a strong Lokpal Bill in Parliament as one full of half-truths.

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday said Congress president Sonia Gandhi`s statement that the Opposition had always obstructed the passing of a strong and effective Lokpal Bill in Parliament, and growth in Gujarat, as one full of half-truths.

BJP leader Balbir Punj accused the UPA Government of not having the determination or the will to ensure the passage of a strong anti-graft bill.

"I am sorry that a leader of the stature of Sonia Gandhi, who heads the UPA, and also heads the ruling party, the Congress, has been very economical with truths while speaking in Rajkot, Gujarat today. Her statement was full of half-truths. She accused the BJP of blocking the Lokpal Bill. The entire world had seen that how the entire opposition sat till midnight to ensure that the bill was passed and we had presented some amendments," said Punj.

"Since the Congress was in minority in collusion with the chair, they adjourned the house. If they had the determination and if they were honest about it, the house could have sat for longer hours and the Lokpal Bill would have been a reality by now," she added.

Punj further claimed that Gujarat has been progressing under the Narendra Modi-led BJP Government in all parameters.

"Sonia Gandhi talked about a new Gujarat that the Congress will create development and a new Gujarat will be created. Let Congress show one example, they have been ruling in the number of seats that this is the model we have. Do they want Gujarat to go the way of Andhra Pradesh or Kerala or even Assam? There are a number of states, which have completely been ruined both in terms of economy and in terms of administration and governance by the Congress," said Punj.

"And, in contrast, Gujarat has been moving up, up and up by all parameters of development. This is a fact not only recognised by the people of Gujarat, not only recognised by the people of India as a whole, but the world over," he added.

Sonia Gandhi earlier in the day claimed that the Congress Party is responsible for all development that Gujaratis are now enjoying.

Gandhi, who kicked off the Congress Party`s campaign in poll-bound Gujarat, said that the opposition was responsible for raking up baseless allegations while larger issues were going unnoticed.

"The Congress has laid down the foundation for growth in Gujarat. The Congress has tried to live up to its ideals, we have come a long way and still have miles to go. It is unfortunate that our opponents only see darkness and cannot see the development. The work the Congress has done for the development of Gujarat, no one else has done," said Gandhi.

"The opposition always misleads people about our development-oriented policies. It is the habit of some people to take credit for the work done by other people, let them do it," she added.

Taking a jibe at the main opposition on the issue of corruption, Gandhi said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is not ready for dialogue in Parliament to counter graft.

"The whole country is concerned about corruption today. We are too. The UPA brought in the Right to Information Act. People against whom there were corruption charges; the law has taken its course. I want to know what the BJP is doing about corruption? Why is there such a difference between their walk and talk?," asked Gandhi.

"The BJP did not let the Lokpal Bill be passed in the Rajya Sabha; Gujarat doesn`t have a Lokpal for eight years now. The BJP is not against corruption, it is just against the Congress," she added.