Sreekumar refutes Mallika Sarabhai’s disclosures

Former state IB chief said the copy of affidavit handed over to media by Mallika Sarabhai was not his.

Ahmedabad: Distancing himself from the disclosures made by Mallika Sarabhai, former state Intelligence Bureau chief RB Sreekumar on Saturday said the copy of affidavit handed over to media by the noted danseuse here was not his.

"The copy of affidavit being circulated is not mine. Its content as told by Mallika Sarabhai to media could be true to some extent. I have submitted a 10-page affidavit to the Nanavati commission, which includes three annexures making it a 63-page document," he said.

Challenging the veracity of the affidavit copy handed to media persons by Sarabhai, Sreekumar said, "Was the copy of so called affidavit circulated to media a certified copy taken out from the Nanavati commission?”

"The long and short of the story is that Gujarat Chief Minister had called a meeting and asked me to handover Rs 10 lakh to Sanjiv Bhatt, so I handed over the money to him," he said.

"The Chief Minister and Sanjiv Bhatt were in direct communication, so I am not aware what happened," he added.

Earlier in the day, Sarabhai accused Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi of using public funds to "bribe her lawyers" in an attempt to derail proceedings of the PIL filed in the Supreme Court by her in the 2002 communal riots case in the state.

She also handed over a three-page document to media persons, claiming it to be the affidavit submitted by Sreekumar to GT Nanavati and Akshay Mehta Commission, probing the 2002 Gujarat riots, in support of her allegations.


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