1,000 persons booked for violating traffic rules

Gurgaon Police has launched a project -- `Third Eye` to keep an eye on those breaking traffic rules.

Chandigarh: Gurgaon Police has launched a project -- `Third Eye` to keep an eye on those breaking traffic rules and 1,000 persons have been booked so far for
violation of regulations.

The project was launched this month in collaboration with leading mobile phone company Nokia (India), and two other partners including a private software company.

Violations include parking vehicles in `No Parking Zone`, not stopping at correct places on the traffic signals, overloaded vehicles, driving without registration number plates, wrong turn/wrong side and other violations.

The project will keep a close watch, denying violators of traffic rules any chance to escape from the eyes of the Police, a senior police officer said.

Explaining broad contours of the project, Surjeet Singh Deswal, Gurgaon Police Commissioner, said today that mobile phones are being used for the first time in Gurgaon to keep an eye on the traffic rule violators.

Nokia has given to the police 50 mobile sets with inbuilt cameras, which are being used by the traffic constables on duty for clicking photos of the violators.

The photo will be immediately transmitted to the server of the Gurgaon Police through a special software, designed by the private company which has partnered with Gurgaon police, Deswal said.

"The name of place, time of the incident, and date, will also be recorded by the server," the Police Commissioner said.

Deswal said that the police team, deployed at the the server, would send challan at the address of the person breaking the traffic rules.

Soon, the number of mobile sets will be increased from 50 to 200, and, if needed, more will be provided, he said.


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