`Bomb ka badla bomb` led to Samjhauta blast: NIA

The Samjhauta train explosion, claimed 68 lives in 2007.

Panchkula: Continued attacks on temples
across the country led Swami Aseemanand to propound ‘Bomb ka
Badla bomb’ theory which led to the bombing of
Samjhauta Express train, the oldest rail-link between India
and Pakistan.

The probe into the conspiracy of the explosion, which
claimed 68 lives in 2007, brought out a deadly plot that was
inspired by "quite upset" attitude of Aseemanand with the
terror strikes on temples like Akshardham in Gujarat,
Raghunath Mandir in Jammu and Sankat Mochan temple in

This, according to the NIA charge sheet, built up as a
"deep vengeance" feeling against the minority community in the
hearts and minds of Swami Aseemanand and four others named in
the charge sheet of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) at
a special court in Haryana`s Panchkula on Monday.

"He (Aseemanand) used to `give vent to` his feelings
while discussing with Sunil Joshi and his associates. Over a
period of time, they developed a deep vengeance against not
only the Jehadi terrorists but unfortunately against an entire
minority community as such.

"As a result, Aseemanand propounded a `bomb ka badla
bomb` (bomb for bomb) theory. Samjhauta train was particularly
chosen, as most of the passengers who travel in it are
Pakistani citizens.”

"Aseemanand not only provided financial and logistical
support to the terror group which executed this dastardly act
but also played a vital role in instigating and motivating his
associates to undertake this terrorist act," the NIA
charge sheet said.


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