Change is imminent in Haryana, BJP will form the next govt here, says PM Modi

After raising the poll pitch for the BJP candidates in Maharashtra yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday campaigned for his party in the poll-bound Haryana.

Change is imminent in Haryana, BJP will form the next govt here, says PM Modi

Chandigarh: After raising the poll pitch for the BJP candidates in Maharashtra yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday campaigned for his party in the poll-bound Haryana.

Here are the LIVE updates:

  • PM Modi concludes his speech.
  • Vote for BJP and see for yourself what my party does for you: PM
  • Form a govt which can give you stability, jobs, good future: PM
  • India derives its energy from its states, if states are developed so will be the entire nation: PM
  • Change is imminent in Haryana this time: PM
  • Voters in Haryana are awake: PM
  • It is such a big election and they are devoid of issues so they ask - why is the PM coming again and again: Modi
  • All those who have ruled the state are same with same intentions: PM
  • 'Their names and party symbols may be different but behind the scene they are one'
  • PM attacks powerful political families in Haryana for plundering the state
  • If the people here support us, I promise to bring change for betterment in Haryana: PM
  • Are you prepared to change your future, if yes then Oct 15 is the day: PM
  • PM Modi arrives in Jagadhri, Haryana
  • PM Modi concludes his speech
  • Give BJP a chance, vote for the BJP in these polls: PM  
  • You have given a thumping majority to the BJP to form govt at the Centre that's why the world recognises us: PM   
  • If you want to change your future then change the govt here: PM 
  • The INLD chief is dying for power: Modi
  • Instead Chautala says he will stay in jail & take oath from there: PM
  • I haven't seen such a person, he never says will appeal to higher court & prove my innocence: PM
  • PM Modi attacks INLD chief OP Chautala for defying court orders and his rol in teachers' scam
  • For 10 years they had a mandate. They also gave Delhi what they wanted. To appease their leaders farmer land was taken away: PM
  • 'If you want to save Haryana you have to do away with the dynastic politics here'
  • What is the Govt for to feed their own families, asks PM
  • I want to ask you has the state govt here given anything to Haryana?
  • PM begins addressing the cheering crowd.
  • PM Narendra Modi arrives in Sonipat
  • PM concludes his speech in Rohtak
  • Give BJP a majority and I assure you the world will recognize Haryana: PM
  • Your finger has that power which can make Haryana free from corruption and family politics on Oct 15: PM
  • There were atrocities on Dalits but did the perpetrators go to jail? And this in the area of the Chief Minister himself: Modi
  • We have to free Haryana from muscle power and criminal elements: Modi
  • We want to create an environment where youth has opportunities, where they can live with respect and dignity: PM
  • Why do youth from the state that feeds India go to other states to feed themselves? asks PM
  • BJP has the capability of making your dreams come true, this is your chance to change your destiny: PM
  • Haryana can't be saved until it's free from family politics: Modi
  • The main problem with Haryana is that it has been ruled by 5 families, PM
  • Haryana is facing problems as there are a handful families that control everything here, irrespective of who is in power: PM
  • It is for the future of Haryana: Modi
  • These elections are not to make or break governments. Says PM
  • These polls will decide the fate of Haryana: PM
  • PM Narendra Modi begins his speech
  • PM Modi arrives in Rohtak
  • I appeal to you to vote for the BJP this time, says PM
  • 'The World is convinced now that I'm not alone, I have the support of 125 crore citizens of India'
  • PM rakes up the issue of his successful US visit during his speech in Haryana  
  • We want to encourage industry where there is scope of industrial development & encourage agriculture where there is scope for agro growth: PM
  • I want to transform this state from a scam Haryana to skill Haryana, says Modi
  • Our opponents, all of them are wanting a Scam Haryana. We want every youngster to have Skill Development so they can get work: PM
  • I will give you account of every penny and every second as I wasn't born in a PM's house, I am your 'Sevak': PM
  • Those who never answered public for 60 years are asking about my 60 days: PM
  • “Have they ever given account of their work for 60 years, have they ever answered about promises they made?”
  • PM Modi slams Congress for not being answerable to its past 60 years of rule, says PM
  • Politics of untouchability won't help. When I announced celebrating Nehru ji's 125th birth anniversary, many in Congress were shocked: PM
  • Give BJP an option to serve Haryana. Give us a majority: PM
  • Then you will have to take a new path now, help BJP win with majority: PM Modi
  • PM says if Haryana's farmers are given water, they can produce gold
  • Do you want to make Haryana corruption free, asks PM
  • Will the future of your son be secure with this family politics, says PM
  • Would you be able to secure future of your son with this family politics? Will your aspirations be fulfilled? Asks Modi
  • Mai Haryana ka bura dekh nhi sakta, Bura sun nhi sakta aur Haryana ka bura bol nhi sakta: PM
  • Haryana government can't stop BJP's victory journey: PM
  • Mothers, youth & farmers of Haryana want to see future where women can live with dignity, youth has opportunities: PM
  • The love of people, hard work of party workers and sins of previous Govt will definitely bring change: PM
  • During last elections people of India rose above caste, community. All they decided was we have to take India on path of progress: PM
  • It is your love that BJP formed its Govt at the Centre with clear majority: PM Modi
  • I am sure this time they will oust the Congress govt and give chance to the BJP, says PM modi
  • People of Haryana enthusiastically supported the BJP in Lok Sabha polls, says PM Modi
  • I have seen many polls, I have closely seen Haryana polls, I haven't seen such an atmosphere before: PM
  • I give my wishes to brave IAF jawans on the occasion of 82nd Air Force Day: PM Modi
  • Prime Minister Nerendra Modi addresses rally in Mahendergarh
  • Prime Minister Nerendra Modi arrives in Mahendergarh, Haryana

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