Maharashtra, Haryana Assembly elections - Exit Poll: As it happened

BJP 52, INLD+ 23, Congress 10 and Others 5.

Maharashtra, Haryana Assembly elections - Exit Poll: As it happened

- In Haryana Assembly, it has projected that the BJP will get 54 seats, followed by 22 to INLD, 10 to Congress, 2 to HJC and 2 to others.

- ABP-Nielson has revised its projection for both states in which it gave a clear majority to the BJP. In Maharashtra, it projected BJP and its allies to get 144 seats, followed by 77 to Shiv Sena, 30 to Congress, 29 to NCP and 3 to MNS.

- An average of all the three Exit Polls in Maharashtra too indicates that BJP will be in a position to form the government in the state. BJP will win 133, Congress 69, Shiv Sena 36, NCP 31 and MNS and Others will win 19 seats in Maharashtra.

- An average of all the three Exit Polls also indicates that BJP is all set to emerge as the single largest party in Haryana by winning 45 seats. INLD will win 27, Congress will get only 12 seats and HJC and Others will get 6 seats.

- A tweet from former cop Kiran Bedi on the voting pattern that has emerged:

- I have full confidence that in Maharashtra BJP will get absolute majority, says Nitin Gadkari, as per ANI.

- If the exit polls figures are to be believed, it means there was a strong anti-incumbency factor against Congress-NCP government, says NCP leader Tariq Anwar.

- Today's Chanakya/News24 Exit Poll for Maharashtra: BJP - 151, Shiv Sena - 71, Congress - 27 and NCP - 28.

- And Exit Poll by Today's Chanakya/News24 predicts the following in Haryana: BJP 52, INLD+ 23, Congress 10 and Others 5.

- The initial Exit Poll in both the states indicates that though BJP is all set to emerge as the single largest party, it will not get a majority on its own.

- Times Now/CVoter predicts 37 seats for BJP, 15 for Congress, 28 for INLD, HJC+ 6 and Others 4 in Haryana.

- Times Nows/CVoter Exit Poll for Maharashtra: BJP - 129, Shiv Sena - 56, Congress - 43 and NCP - 36. 

- ABP News-Nielsen Exit Poll for Haryana: BJP to get majority with 46 seats, INLD - 29, Congress -10, HJC - 2 and Others - 3.

- ABP News-Nielsen Exit Poll for Maharashtra: BJP+ 127, Shiv Sena 77, Congress 40, NCP 34, MNS 5 and Others 5.

- The datas have started coming in.

- And in Maharashtra, the Congress had won 82 seats and the NCP had won 62 seats.

- In last Assembly elections in 2009, the Congress had won 40 seats in Haryana and INLD had won 31 seats.

- Meanwhile, a tweet from PM Modi earlier in the day urging people to go out and vote:

- Coming up shortly one of the biggest Exit Poll to see as to how the voters have voted in both the states.

Maharashtra and Haryana voted on Wednesday to elect a new government. The polls in both the states have been one of the most keenly fought and watched after the 2014 General Elections in May.

The elections are also one of the first real test of the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who led the BJP to an unprecedented win in May in the Lok Sabha polls. Modi has campaigned extensively in both the states, urging people to vote for the BJP.

In Maharashtra, the contest is four-cornered with BJP, Congress, Shiv Sena and the NCP battling it out in the high-stakes game. Not to miss the MNS which could emerge as the king-maker.

Maharashtra also saw the break-up of the 25-year-old alliance between the Shiv Sena and the BJP and 15-year-old alliance between the Congress and the NCP.

And in Haryana, the Congress is facing huge anti-incumbency after beingin power for ten years. Needless to say, the BJP is fancying its chances of forming the next government in the state.

Exuding confidence, BJP said the "Modi wave" will help it comfortably wrest the two states, while Congress leaders were optimistic that the voters will favour their party once again.

Sharad Pawar's NCP claimed that the BJP had not lived up to the expectations of the people after the mandate it got in Lok Sabh elections and it will face the repercussions in Maharashtra.

"I am confident that people will choose Congress this time also for the work done in last 15 years," Prithviraj Chavan said after casting his vote in Karad, as per PTI.

"There has been a change in the government at the Centre, major alliances have ended, and all political parties are taking their chances in this poll," he said. I&B Minister Prakash Javadekar, who cast his vote in Pune, said, "People are voting for change, good governance and decisive government which Narendra Modi has offered."

"People are voting in this poll with even more enthusiasm than they did in the Lok Sabha poll. If the Lok Sabha polls were Dhoom, the Assembly polls are Dhoom 2, the sequel," he added.

The strength of the Maharashtra Assembly is 288 and in Haryana it is 90 seats.

Counting of votes is scheduled for October 19.

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