All about Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is a disease in which cancer cells grow in the kidneys. There are several types of cancer that can attack the human kidney, but the most widespread by far is the renal cell carcinoma.

The exact cause of kidney cancer cannot be actually identified, but certain risk factors have been identified by the researchers have identified several risk factors for the disease. Causes and risk factors vary for each type of kidney cancer. Risk factors of kidney cancer may include: smoking, workplace exposure to asbestos, benzene or cadmium and last but not the least obesity.


Some of the common symptoms are:

Blood in the urine
Abnormal urine color (dark, rusty, or brown)
Flank pain
Back pain
Abdominal pain
Weight loss, more than 5% of body weight
Cold intolerance


Surgical removal: is generally recommended for all or part of the kidney (nephrectomy). This may include removal of the bladder or surrounding tissues or lymph nodes.

Radiation therapy : is not commonly used for treatment of renal cell carcinoma because it is usually not successful. Hormone treatment is also an option to reduce the growth of the tumor in some cases.

Medications : such as alpha-interferon and interleukin-2 (IL-2) have been successful in many cases of renal cell carcinomas treatment. IL-2 is presently the only therapy FDA-approved for the treatment of metastatic renal cell carcioma (kidney cancer).

Chemotherapy: may be used in some cases, but cure is unlikely unless all the cancer can be removed with surgery.

Compiled by: Shruti Saxena

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