Autism manifests itself differently in brains of men and women

London: The effect of autism manifests itself differently according to one`s gender, a new study has revealed.

UK experts- who studied brain scans of 120 men and women, with half of those studied having autism- suggested that girls with the condition could be more stigmatised than boys and it could be harder for them to be diagnosed at all, the BBC reported.

Researchers from the Autism Research Centre at the University of Cambridge used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to examine how autism affects the brain of males and females.

The study looked at the difference between the brains of healthy males and those with autism, and then healthy females and those with autism.

They found the brains of females with autism "look" more like, but still not the same as healthy males, when compared with healthy females.

However, the same kind of difference was not seen in males with autism, so their brains did not show "extreme" male characteristics.

The study was published in journal Brain.


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