Cholesterol-lowering drugs may worsen asthma

Washington: Cholesterol-lowering medications may help in fighting heart disease, but this class of drugs may worsen asthma control, a new study has suggested.

For preliminary research, Safa Nsouli and his team from of Danville Asthma and Allergy Clinic, Calif, compared 20 patients with asthma taking prescribed cholesterol-lowering medication or statins, to 20 patients with asthma who did not take the drugs.

They found that the patients taking statins had more airway inflammatory obstruction at three, six and 12 months as compared to those not on statins.

“The research showed patients taking statins more frequently used their rescue medication, had increased nighttime awakenings and had increased asthma symptoms throughout the day,” Nsouli said.

“These potential effects of statins on the inflmmatory cascade of asthma indicate the need for a larger scale study,” Nsouli added.


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