Coming soon: A simple test for ovarian cancer!

London: Coming soon: A simple test for ovarian cancer, say scientists.

A team at the Institute of Cancer Research claims that the test could be available within two years, thanks to the "landmark" discovery of a single faulty gene which increases a woman`s risk of ovarian cancer sixfold.

Women with the gene have a one in 11 chance of getting the disease. Women generally have a one in 70 chance of developing it, say the scientists.

The discovery paves the way to a diagnostic test which could be available within two to three years, the `Daily Express` reported.

Each year around 6,500 new cases of ovarian cancer are reported in the UK and more than 4,000 women die from it. It has few early symptoms and is often diagnosed at a late and dangerous stage.

Lead scientist Nazneen Rahman, of the Institute of Cancer Research, said: "There is real hope on the horizon that drugs specifically targeted to the gene will be available."

Cancer Research UK`s Prof Harpal Kumar said: "We hope this will have a significant impact in providing more personalised treatments for patients based on their genetic make-up."


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