Four reasons why you should get your child vaccinated!

Zee Media Bureau/Salome Phelamei

Raising a child is a huge challenge. As parents, protecting your child's health and safety is the most important thing to you.

One of the best ways to protect your children is to make sure that you give them all of their vaccinations, because it is a crucial step in protecting your little ones against a range of serious and potentially deadly diseases. Vaccinations are quick, powerful and safe defence for your child. Vaccination protects your baby from 14 serious childhood diseases.

While there are various reasons to vaccinate, the benefits of getting your child vaccinated include:

Protects against diseases: Vaccination will help our child protect against various diseases such as influenza, measles, polio, hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, rotavirus, chickenpox, pertussis (whooping cough), etc.

Saves time and money: If a child has vaccine-preventable disease, he/she can be denied attendance at schools. Some vaccine-preventable diseases can lead to prolonged disabilities, taking a financial toll on the family. And when kids fall ill or miss schools, it's the parents who take the burden as they lose work days to care for them. But if your child is given vaccination, it lowers the chances of getting infections, and thus saves time and money.

Safe and effective: Since vaccines are given to children only after a long and careful review by doctors and scientists, they are safe and effective. Vaccination is also the best way to prevent influenza. The influenza vaccine can reduce chances of getting the flu by 70 to 90 percent.

Protects family, friends and community: Getting your child vaccinated will not just protect him/her, but will also help protect others your family, friends and neighbours in your community as it will prevent the spread of disease and can slow or stop an outbreak. 

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