Latur, Ahmedpur, Kej region emerging as `kidney stone belt`

Mumbai: Areas adjoining Latur, Ahmedpur, Kej, Kalamb and Ambajogai in Marathwada are fast becoming the "kideny stone belt" region, a leading urologist has said.

"There has been a drastic increase in kidney stone patients from these areas, specially during the last month," Latur-based urologist Dr Hansraj Baheti said.

The gravity of the situation is so serious that on a single day, the Baheti hospital in Latur received 22 cases of kidney stone, he said.

Baheti Hospital, along with social organisations Madhyam and Samaj Bharati, have distributed over 50,000 pamphlets in these areas, mentioning the precautions to be taken to avoid sunstroke and kidney stones.

"Drink plenty of water is what we tell people," Baheti said. During the scorching summer heat, people should drink large amount of water at regular intervals, he added.

A major reason for formation of kidney stones is dehydration. Drinking bore well water is also a key contributor to these cases, Baheti said.