Now, once a day anti-clot tablet to treat diabetes

London: A once-a-day drug that could revolutionise treatment for patients with Type 2 diabetes has been discovered by scientists.

The tablet can dramatically slash the chances of sufferers developing heart disease, one of the main fatal effects of diabetes.

It could even replace aspirin as the blood-thinning drug of choice for diabetics, the `Daily Express` reported.

Researchers at the University of the Highlands and Islands say the clot-busting drug is currently licensed for use in reversing the harmful effects of a paracetamol overdose.

Heart disease is the major cause of reduced life expectancy in patients with diabetes who have about twice the risk of developing a range of cardiovascular diseases.

The discovery found that a daily treatment of patients with the drug, which is called N-acetylcysteine, reduces clot formation in the blood and is more effective than aspirin.

The study is published in the journal `Diabetologia`.


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