Obesity behind rising bone diseases in children: Experts

New Delhi: Noting a rise in bone diseases among the children in Delhi, experts attributed obesity as a major contributors to the rare disorder called juvenile arthritis.

According to experts, the effects of obesity put children at risk of long-term foot, leg and back problems.

"Our hips and knees bear five to seven times our body weight. These little frames aren't supposed to be carrying 50 to 60 kg of body weight. The heavier the child, the bigger the pressure on the joints and cartilage, and that can be painful. It sets up their soft tissue for inflammation,"said Raju Vaishya, founder of Arthritis Care Foundation (ACF).

The experts expressed their views on the press conference held ahead of the World Obesity Day observed every year on Oct 26.

Senior nutritionist Pallavi Vaishya advised parents that if their child complains of joint pain, swelling or stiffness in one or more joints for a period of six weeks or longer, they should seek medical attention as early diagnosis and treatment is necessary to prevent permanent joint damage.

"The inactivity related to watching TV and playing video games have a significant impact on childhood obesity. Poor eating habits also lead to calcium and vitamin D deficiency-important nutrients for growing bones," she added.

Experts advised devising effective self-management plan for the children, which includes staying active, good medication, balance between rest and recreation and most important, a healthy diet so that the extra pounds can be shed.

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