Suffering from hypertension? Get screened for kidney diseases

New Delhi: Delhi government has asked public to get themselves screened for diabetes and hypertension in order to control the epidemic of kidney diseases in the city.

A community kidney health screening was initiated today by the department of nephrology at the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences as part of the initiative for timely
interventions to prevent kidney diseases here.

Over 200 people were screened here for diabetes and hypertension. Along with this, public lectures about kidney disease prevention and organ donation were delivered by
eminent nephrologists and renal transplant surgeons.

"We are committed to spread awareness about the impact of chronic non-infective diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, the two leading causes of chronic kidney diseases in India now. So those who have high blood pressure, suffer from diabetes, are overweight and smoke and have a family history of kidney diseases should get themselves screened for chronic kidney diseases," said Dr Suman Lata, assistant professor of nephrology at ILBS.

She said, "Today we screened over 200 people free of cost but next time, they have to pay a minimal amount and get themselves screened for kidney problem."

To spread awareness about it, 25,000 flyers were distributed to the local community, urging anyone who has risk of developing kidney disease to get screened. Additional
publicity was carried out by word of mouth and banners.