Touch elbows rather than shake hands to avoid flu

London: Next time you greet people, you may better follow either Indian way of ‘Namaste,’ by folding hands, or Japanese’s bow rather than shake hands.

A leading scientist has claimed shaking hands could spread infectious diseases like flu.

Nathan Wolfe, a virus expert at Stanford University in California, suggested we should use a “safe shake” like touching elbows or follow the example of the Japanese and take a bow to avoid the spread of infections.

According to the Sunday Times Dr Wolfe said diseases such as stomach bugs, flu and colds spread readily via skin contact.

“We should advocate a safe shake by touching elbows rather than hands,” the Daily Mail quoted Dr Wolfe as saying in his new book The Viral Storm.

“Certainly this would help to decrease the spread of some infectious agents in the same way that sneezing into an elbow, rather than in a hand, does,” added Wolfe, the director of California-based firm Global Viral Forecasting.


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