Tripura girl "stable", but not ready for intervention

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2013, 23:39 PM IST

New Delhi: Doctors treating the 18-month-old girl from Tripura, who is suffering from a rare illness that has caused her head to swell, said that the girl was stable although it would take a few more weeks to begin any intervention to treat the girl.

The hospital today said that the doctors had started draining fluids from the girl`s head till her condition improves for any intervention.

"The girl is stable but her clinical parameters were yet compromised to start any major intervention. Till other parameters improve, doctors would keep on draining fluid in small quantity," said the Fortis spokesperson.

The girl, Roona Begum, who was suffering from severe form of Hydrocephalus, had been shifted from her village in Tripura to the Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon on April 16 after the Fortis Foundation had offered to support her family for the treatment, which is otherwise quite expensive.

In a statement released yesterday, the hospital said the clinical parameters of the patient were "compromised as she had excoriations and sores at the base of her head, besides deep chest infection and an abnormally high Total Leucocyte Count (TLC), which was diminishing her ability to fight infection."

Hydrocephalus is accumulation of CSF around brain leading to increase in intracranial pressure and resulting in enlargement of head.

The doctors treating here had said that her head circumference had been progressively growing since birth and was an unprecedented 94-centimeters, making it one of the most complex of cases.

The doctors yesterday said that it might take a few weeks, before they decide on the future line of treatment.