Type 2 diabetes reduces brain functioning: Study

Updated: Aug 29, 2013, 09:23 AM IST

Melbourne: Australian scientists have claimed to discover a direct link between diabetes type 2 and reduced brain function.

According to ABC report today, Sydney Memory and Ageing Study in the latest finding revealed older people who developed the disease experienced a greater decline in brain performance than those without the condition.

The two-year research which followed 880 people aged between 70 and 90 also found maintaining stable blood sugars reduces the risk.

Study leader Katherine Samaras said it was a breakthrough.

"It`s not necessarily related to a duration effect of diabetes,"?Samaras said.

"Even if you`ve reached your mid 70s or early 80s and you haven`t got diabetes, if you`re pre-diabetec, you probably should be doing everything to prevent getting diabetes because we think that that may actually halt that cognitive decline that we are seeing," she said.