Type 1 diabetes may increase chances of epilepsy

Seizures are the first symptoms of epilepsy characterized by change in brain's electrical activity.   

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A new research highlights that Type 1 diabetes patients are three times more prone to the risk of developing epilepsy- a neurological disorder- in the later life.

The study published in the journal Diabetologia reveals that the imbalance in the amount of sugar in the blood stream ups the risk of epileptic seizures in human body.

Both the medical condition -Hyperglycaemia (high blood sugar) and Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar)- changes the balance between inhibition and excitation of neuronal network and cause focal motor seizures.

Seizures are the first symptoms of epilepsy characterized by change in brain's electrical activity. This may vary from person to person.

The researchers also warn that youngsters are at higher risk of developing this disease.

Immune abnormalities, brain lesions, genetic factors and metabolic abnormalities have been identified as the potential causes for the link between type 1 diabetes and epilepsy.

The research used computer modeling method to estimate the risk of type 1 diabetes on epilepsy risk.

The study cohort contained 2,568 patients with type 1 diabetes, each of whose frequency was matched by sex, urbanisation of residence area and index year with 10 control patients without type 1 diabetes.

The results showed that the type 1 diabetes cohort was 2.84 times more likely to develop epilepsy than the control cohort.

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