China: Wrong treatment leads to Hepatitis C cases

Beijing: Improper diagnosis and treatment in clinics in a Chinese province have lead to over 100 Hepatitis C cases, the health department said.

The cases have been reported in Zijin county of southern Guangdong province, the China Daily reported Saturday.

Till late February, a total of 123 people were infected with Hepatitis C, and residents suspect that medical malpractice could have been the reason.

The cases were linked to improper diagnosis and treatment, patients who received intravenous medicine, infection from mother to child and through sexual transmission, according to the provincial health department.

Local residents allege that all of the infected people had received injections with reused needles.

Hepatitis C is a viral disease mainly transmitted through contact with contaminated blood, through sexual contact and from mother to child during delivery. Infection can also lead to liver cancer.