Happy Birthday, my dear heart!

Shruti Saxena

So, today you have grown another day older my dear heart. I wish you a very happy birthday. I was born with a ‘healthy’ you (my heart) and your terrific ability of pumping clean oxygen to my body parts so that I celebrate many more ‘healthy’ birthdays with my loved ones.

I used to believe that the ‘heart’ holds greatest significance and we are forced to obey it rather than bossing over it. But, unfortunately, I made you my slave. A slave that is meant to obey all my bad ‘eating’ instincts.

Those memories are still afresh, when as a youth, I used to play, with sweet young guys and girls in the hay and when some fat friends amongst them were the ones who would say, “I am breathless”!

And, at sports, I’d always stay the course, and believe me I was as healthy and strong as any horse. But, now, with just a little force, I too feel bad to say that “I am breathless”!

I used to run for my school bus on being late and catch it as fast as I counted one to five on my tips. But, now when I run to catch a metro on being late to my office, I manage though, but yes, I go breathless! Thanks to those extra kilos gifted by the junk food that I ate on all my previous birthdays and round the year which now surrounds my beautiful waist like a ‘trye’ Oops! I should rather say a ‘junk fat’ and a heart full of bad cholesterol.

I know I don’t pay that much attention to you now and I must confess that I don’t feel that fit either too. Those cakes, pizzas, burgers, chips, cold-drinks and chocolates that I used to gorge upon have made me an overweight pumpkin and as slow as a snail.

No matter whether I keep self-parroting that there is nothing wrong with me and I am as healthy as I can be. But, now, I no longer crave to fulfil those wild desires that I once aspired of climbing a mountain, desire to swim across the river and many more of the likes

Sometimes, even sleep is denied to me at night because of the acids that choke my heart and mouth due to all the drinking that I love to do without thinking a single moment that I am cutting down on your birthdays by doing so. But, every morning I find I am all right and awfully well for the shape I am in

I have learnt my lesson now and as I unfold my sad tale of how I ruined you inch by inch, I promise to you and to myself now that I will no more let you go breathless each day under those heavy cholesterol layers that have engulfed you, all because of me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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