Spain carries out 94 organ transplants in 72 hrs

Madrid: Spain`s National Transplant Organization set a new record with 94 organ transplants during the period of Nov 23-25.

The donations allowed 53 kidney and 23 liver transplants to be performed, along with eight lung, six heart, one intestine and three pancreas transplants, the health ministry said in a communique.

Two of the people who benefited from these operations were in a state of maximum urgency, meaning that if they had not received an organ in 24-48 hours they could have died.

Of the 39 donors, two were foreigners and another two were killed in a traffic accident.

The procedures were carried out at 40 hospitals in 14 Spanish regions and at two clinics in Portugal, and nearly 1,000 people in all were involved.

The National Transplant Organization is aided by a number of public agencies and private concerns, including 10 airports, as well as Spanish regional emergency management services.

Twelve flights provided by several companies were needed to transport the organs.


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