How can you speed up your metabolism and lose weight without dieting – Watch!

Extreme dieting or severely restricting calories prevent our bodies from burning unwanted fats.

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: You've gone into an 'extreme dieting' plan cutting out all the sweet treats and high calorie foods in an effort to lose those unwanted flabs, but have not seen much improvement even after trying for months.


In fact, rather than helping us, extreme dieting or severely restricting calories prevent our bodies from buring unwanted fats, which means you can't lose weight effectively. When you over do it, it slows down your metabolism. Your body needs some calories to keep functioning.

You may wonder why some people never gain weight even if they eat everything, whereas others eat less and still gain weight. The answer lies in their metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which your body converts your food into energy.

Your metabolic rate influences your body's basic functions like breathing, eating, sleeping, digesting food and more.

The following video will tell you how you can increase your metabolism and lose weight, even without dieting. The video has been uploaded by a user named Pablo Alden on YouTube.

Video courtesy: Pablo Alden/YouTube

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