How to lose weight without any sweat!

Just making a few simple changes in your lifestyle can help you out with your weight issues.

Udita Madan

​Losing weight, burning those calories, getting rid of that belly fat is something that's on everyone's mind. Exercising, however, is not. This is mostly because of laziness, tiredness, work purposes, etc., many people don't find the time (or the need) to exercise.

But, they so desperately want to bid those extra kilos goodbye! Well, seems like you can have your cake and eat it too!

Yes, you read that right! Just making a few simple changes in your lifestyle can help you out with your weight issues.

It turns out that you don't have to go to the gym to burn more calories and lose weight. The little things you do during the day make a big difference in your metabolism. We present to you a few tips that can help you burn those extra calories without exercising!

1. At work:

If you have a sedentary job (read: sitting job) that doesn't require you to move out of your chair, then that could cause you major problems in the long run, where weight is concerned. Obesity, being overweight can further cause diabetes, heart problems, etc. To make your office-routine healthy, get up and move for at least 15 minutes every hour. Take a walk to the restroom, go to the water cooler, run an errand, take the stairs instead of the elevator or do your filing from a standing rather than seated position.

2. At social events:

Do you often find yourself searching for a place to sit when you go out for a social event? But now, it's time to change that. The next time you go to a party, burn extra calories by becoming more social. Instead of sitting, opt to stand or circle the room and talk to as many party goers as possible. Offer to help in the kitchen, take a tour of the garden or greet guests at the door to stay active.

3. While relaxing:

Yes, you can lose that weight while relaxing as well. You can burn extra calories by simply adding some light activity to your TV viewing and relaxation time.  Fold laundry, dust furniture or sweep the floor while you watch television. You can even do a full workout on your couch and burn up to 300 calories! This way, you will also eat less in front of the television if your hands are busy. 
You can even burn calories during other leisure activities. Walk around while you talk on the phone and try to limit entertainment-related computer/laptop time to 15-minute intervals.

4. With daily chores:

Studies have revealed that household chores can help you burn a few hundred calories per hour. If that gives you an incentive, this is what you can do: Sweep the floors around the house, clean the toilets, dust the furniture and once that is done, there are organizational tasks waiting for you! Organize your closets, your desks, unpack boxes or clean the garage. There's always so much to do around the house, that you really can't complain about having nothing to do!

5. With the kids:

Help yourselves and your children too by indulging in activities along with them. It's good to become a kid sometimes, after all! If you want to slim down without exercise, find ways to increase your walking time during the day. Walk the kids to school or to the bus stop. If you drive them, choose a parking spot at the back of the lot and use those extra steps to chat with them about their day.    

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