How to stay fit without hitting the gym

Washington: Apart from hitting the gym, there are other ways too, which a person can resort to in order to loose weight and get in shape.

According to a news website, hiding remote is one of them. If a person wishes to watch TV, he or she should make an effort to at least stand up to change the channel and should also preset the timer on TV to turn off after an hour as a reminder of doing something more active.

Others recommended tips include ditching the hand mixer and using a wooden spoon instead while cooking or baking. Hand-washing dishes instead of using the dishwasher can also help you break a sweat.

It is also recommended that when tidying up, things should be put away in multiple small trips rather than one big haul and individuals should help their kids clean their rooms.

Walking up stairs is also a great way to stay fit if an individual cannot get to a gym.

Rather than yelling at family members in other rooms, walk over to talk. Also, walking around your home, yard, or neighbourhood while on the phone can help you lose that extra flab.

Using your dancing skills in the kitchen while cooking is also a sure shot way to keep you fit.

Chopping fresh vegetables instead of buying frozen ones, taking a shower instead of a bath, giving dog a bath instead of paying someone else to do it, round off the best ways to lose weight in the comforts of your home.


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