Post-workout binging: This is how you can control it!

Control your post-workout hunger pangs through these simple tips!

Udita Madan

​That adrenalin rush is exactly the drug that everyone who loves to workout needs. A rigorous couple of hours of sweating it out really gets you going, doesn't it?

Once done, you feel refreshed. But after sometime, you start feeling hungry.

This is normally the cue for you to get up and make a trip to the kitchen. But, with your hunger overpowering you, you sometimes tend to overeat or eat something heavy, thereby, completely defeating the purpose of your workout.

Although, isn't it better to conquer that hunger or the hungry feeling in a healthier way? Yes, there definitely is! Read on to know how!

1. Recognize your limitations:

People often assume that over-training would bring them quick results. This concept couldn't be more wrong. Losing weight and growing muscles only happens over an extended period of time. It’s important to limit your training, or you might have cravings to binge on food after your workouts.

2. Less but frequent eating:

Eating only one or two consistent meals will make you gain weight. Eating breakfast is most essential, since it kicks up your metabolism. For lunch, you should eat light and nutritious food. You may eat boiled veggies or fruits after your workout session.

3. Eat before the workout:

It is important to eat healthy carbohydrates and proteins before training as you might not be able to complete your training properly, without the strength they provide. Having meals before exercising prevents muscle breakdown and enhances muscle recovery process as well.

4. Whole and fibre-rich foods:

It is important to eat low calorie foods that are high in fibre as they keep you going throughout your day and make you feel full. Try eating foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are low in glycemic index and contain lean proteins.

5. Hydration tops the to-do list:

The body filters water swiftly so it’s important to consume at least 64 ounces of water every day. Make sure you have water in between workouts as well, as it boosts your energy levels and keeps you full too.   

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