Prolonged high intensity workouts can be detrimental to heart health

Washington: Studies have revealed that overdoing vigorous exercise can lead to risks of major health issues even death.

A German and a Swedish study has pointed out that the intensity and duration of exercise are critical factors to determine person's physical health.

They also stated that a similar U-shaped or reverse J-shaped curve pattern for the dose responses to the effect of exercise and maximum cardiovascular benefits are achieved if performed at moderate doses.

Existing facts propose that heart disease patients should do up to an hour of moderate intensity aerobic activity at least five times a week.

The study also suggested that genes may also play a crucial role in determining health safety limits and that there is a thin line that separates the accurate information and pointless alarmism leading to inactivity and following heart disease.

However, it was concluded that benefits of exercise are definitely unquestionable and that it needs to be reinforced but the further study on the subject is required to obtain results on how to achieve maximum benefits from exercise by averting undesirable health risks.

Both the studies were published in the journal Heart.

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