Scared of gaining weight? Kick the butt first

New York: Are you concerned about gaining weight from quit-smoking treatment? Better be concerned abut reducing weight that not quitting the puff as the latter's health benefits are immense.

According to researchers, smokers may avoid treatment to quit smoking if they previously gained weight while trying to quit.

Weight gain is a predictable occurrence for smokers who have recently quit.

“Perhaps we should not be surprised that smokers who gained weight previously are once bitten, twice shy. They are concerned about weight gain if they attempt to quit even though they may know the benefits of quitting,” explained Susan Veldheer, a project manager at Penn State College of Medicine.

Researchers surveyed 186 smokers who sought treatment to quit and 102 smokers who avoided treatment.

All participants were asked about weight gain during past attempts to quit and their concern for gaining weight after quitting in the future.

Overall, smokers who sought treatment to quit were equally concerned about gaining weight as the smokers who avoided treatment.

Of all the participants, 53 percent had gained weight during a previous attempt to quit smoking.

“Clinicians should ask smokers if they had previously gained weight while trying to quit. If so, these smokers should be assured that strategies to maintain weight will be addressed in treatment,” said the study appeared in the International Journal of Clinical Practice.

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