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Walk your way to better health!

Walking has been considered as one of the easiest, simplest and most convenient exercises.

Updated: Feb 13, 2016, 00:40 AM IST

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: We have heard over and over again that walking is important for maintaining a good health. Walking is simple, yet powerful. It can help you stay slim, improve your overall health.


Know the benefits!

Walking has been considered as one of the easiest, simplest and most convenient exercises. Daily walking can be hugely beneficial to your health.

Benefits of walking include:

  • Walking 1-2 kilometres can help one lose up to 100 calories.
  • Daily walking will help in control weight, better blood circulation, increase mobility and flexibility in the joints, better absorption of blood sugar, increase lung capacity & stamina and in the longer term even prevention of critical ailments such as cancer.
  • Getting up and walking for two minutes every one hour could help reverse the negative health effects.
  • It is also a best stress buster.

But, then why doesn’t everyone walk?

With the health benefits being well understood and tangibly visible, what are the reasons this form of exercise is not as common as it could be? A common theme which cuts across all major cities is lack of time, says Dr Sudha Reddy, Medical Advisory Team, Max Bupa.

So, where do I start?

Dr Sudha Reddy provides some tips on how to incorporate walking into your daily life. It doesn’t need to be a specially planned walk to begin with.

  • Walk to the store for your groceries.
  • Walk to your work place if possible.
  • Avoid usage of motorized transportation for short distances.


Small steps and changes such as these can set one up for the big goal. Walking is the most preferred and economical exercise option in our country versus other more strenuous options.

Walk for Health!

‘Walk for Health’ is one such step Max Bupa has taken and the organisation hopes this will motivate several people to start walking regularly to improve their health.