`50% Asian men commit sexual violence`

Zee Media Bureau/Liji Varghese

New Delhi: According to a recent report by the United Nations on violence against women, almost a quarter of men surveyed in Asia have admitted to committing at least one rape.

The survey conducted on ten thousand men from six countries in Asia is the first of its kind that examines the extent of violence against women and the reasons behind it.

Out of the total who admitted to rape, half of them confessed to have done it more than once.

The prevalence of rape was highest in Papua New Guinea with more than six out of 10 men surveyed admitting to have forced a woman into having sex.

It was least common in urban areas of Bangladesh, where it was just under one in 10 and Sri Lanka where it was just over one in 10.

In Cambodia, China and Indonesia it ranged from one in five to almost half of all men surveyed.

Another half of those surveyed admitted to having committed some form of sexual violence or abuse against their partner.

Percentage of men admitting rape (Source: United Nations)
Papua New Guinea Bougainville Island - 62%
Indonesia Papua Province - 48.6%
Indonesia urban - 26.2%
China urban/rural - 22.2%
Cambodia - 20.4%
Indonesia rural - 19.5%
Sri Lanka - 14.5%
Bangladesh rural - 14.1%
Bangladesh urban - 9.5%

The top reasons the authors came across included:

1. Men believed that they had the right to have sex with women regardless of her consent.
2. Some men consider rape to be a form of entertainment, so they committed it for fun or because they were bored.
3. Some used rape as a form of punishment or because the man was angry.
4. Men who had themselves suffered violence as children, especially childhood sexual abuse, were more likely to have committed rape.
5. The least common motivation was found to be alcohol.

Part of the research has been published in The Lancet Global Health.

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