60 percent women ignorant of ovarian cancer symptoms

Updated: Jun 16, 2013, 14:36 PM IST

London: A new study has revealed that almost six out of 10 women are unable to name any of the 10 symptoms of ovarian cancer.

The disease is the fourth most common cause of cancer deaths in women and experts fear the lack of awareness may contribute to low survival rates in the UK compared with elsewhere, the Independent reported.

Symptoms include persistent bloating, pain in the abdomen, back or pelvis, and fatigue.

No screening service is available for the cancer and five-year relative survival rates, at 36 percent, are among the lowest of the 21 most common cancers.

Target Ovarian Cancer wants a national awareness campaign to alert women to the signs of the disease, which is diagnosed in nearly 7,000 women a year.

Annwen Jones, the charity`s chief executive said that that it`s essential that women are made aware of the symptoms and that they are encouraged to visit their GP should they have any concerns.