`76 per cent of Indians unaware of causes of kidney diseases`

Updated: Mar 29, 2010, 00:00 AM IST

New Delhi: A whopping 76 per cent of the
Indians are unaware of the causes of kidney diseases with
Delhiites topping the list.

According to the survey conducted by a leading renal
disease management hospital, only 24 per cent of the
countrymen are aware of the causes of renal diseases with
Delhiites being the least aware at 10 per cent.

Also a mere 34 per cent of the Delhiites polled were
aware that kidney failure is incurable but the progression can
be controlled with medical treatment.

"Preventive nephrology will be succesful only when
there is awareness about the importance of early detection and
preventive health check-ups. Merely awareness will not
suffice," said senior nephrologist Dr Sushma Rani.

The survey also goes on to show that there is an
urgent need to spread awareness about renal disease among the
masses lest the situation goes out of control.

The survey was carried out in six major cities of the
country where 600 people in the age group of 20-50 years were

It is shocking that 64 per cent people polled were not
even aware of a nephrologist being a kidney specialist.
Diabetes and hypertension are the major causes of
chronic kidney disorders.