A look at the 4 weirdest cosmetic procedures

Humans and their quest to look perfect can border on the frenzy at times and this in turn gives birth to procedures which drastically alter your body in order to give you the look you want even if it means playing havoc with your health by taking unnatural risks for the sake of vanity. Not to forget the huge amounts of money that goes down the drain even if you end up with a botched up job. Here’s a list of cosmetic procedures which are downright weird and at the same time very risky.

Joker smile surgery

Want a permanently fixed smile on your face, even when you are sad? This is what the joker smile surgery will do for you. The procedure will curl up the corners of your lips by altering your facial muscles and their setting especially the jaw muscles which are responsible for giving you a droopy smile as they pull the lips downwards. The procedure is permanent in nature and if goes wrong, can result in a botched up face. Dr Rashmi Shetty, a well-known cosmetologist and a leading expert in non-surgical aesthetic medicine warns that this surgery can severely affect facial muscles and requires a lot of precision since the muscles are very delicate. She suggests opting for a couple of units of BOTOX on the DAO muscle (a facial muscle near the mouth) which straightens out the droopy smile and takes hardly two minutes. In case you don’t like it, it wears off in three months and you can go back to your natural look.

Palm plastic surgery

The Japanese seem to love this new trend with thousands flocking to plastic surgeons to get their palm lines fixed. If you are wondering what could be the possible reason for correcting the lines on your palms, lo and behold – it’s done to bring luck or change your fate! The belief that these lines tell you what your future holds is prevalent in India as well. And if you aren’t too happy about the outcome, go and get it changed in a mere 15 minutes. Lines of luck, marriage, etc are added or modified according to a person’s liking using an electric scalpel for making shaky incisions on the palms. About five to 10 lines are altered or added in 15 minutes. Dr Shetty advises against this procedure as the hands and palms have various nerves which are needed for the proper functioning of one’s body. Any kind of mishap can damage not only your palms but also these nerves and your entire body.

Toe tuck

Not too happy with your feet? Think they’re too broad or the toes too short or long? Toe tuck surgery fixes all such problems. If you’ve ruined your feet by wearing stilettos for years and want to correct the shape and wear them again, toe tucks are for you. The results however aren’t permanent and the procedure is quite painful too. In a bid to wear strappy shoes and pumps, you might end up with a boneless toe. Not only this, it can cause nerve damage if not done correctly.

Cosmetic surgery for pets

As if procedures on humans weren’t enough, pets too have been dragged into this tomfoolery to look perfect! Cosmetic surgeries like tummy tuck, ear implants and even pet braces are doing the rounds in pet circles where owners who wish to enhance the appearance of their pets can go ahead with such treatments. While some do it to benefit the animal and improve their health, some just do it as they aren’t too happy with their canine’s appearance.