A supplement that cures erectile dysfunction

Rome: Italian scientist and doctor Ermanno Greco claims to have created a supplement which cures erectile dysfunction and which has been successful in 85 percent of the cases tested.

Greco, who is director of the Centre of Reproductive Biology and Medicine at the European Hospital in Rome, said the supplement has produced excellent results.

"In our test group of 75 patients, we found a positive result in 85 percent of the patients tested," he said.

Greco spoke to AKI ahead of an annual meeting of Italian andrologists opening in Rome Thursday, where he will present the findings of his trial.

"We started from a simple principle: erectile dysfunction is determined by a lack of nitric oxygen in the cells which are needed to create an erection," Greco said.

"We created a substance that can normalise nitric oxygen," he added.

Greco hopes the supplement will offer new hope to men who are tormented by the embarrasing problem of erectile dysfuntion.

"The psychological aspect weighs heavily," Greco said.