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Health News

Bird flu

Avian influenza: Five best natural cures for bird flu!

Here are some herbs and home remedies that can help protect against bird flu infection and speed recovery process in those who become ill.

Baby girl

Heartbreaking ordeal of a mother who lost her baby to meningitis after overcoming 16 miscarriages

32-year-old Lizzie Allen was full of joy and enthusiasm when she gave birth to a baby girl after 16 miscarriages, but only to lose her to meningitis


Including couple of eggs to salads could uplift vitamin E absorption - Read

The research further says that the amount of Vitamin E which the body absorbs from vegetables can really play a pivotal role in boosting the vitamin's absorption.


Here's why terminally ill cancer patients should avoid surgery!

The study highlights the dilemma that physicians and surgeons face when their terminally ill cancer patients are diagnosed with a condition that may benefit from surgery.

Childhood obesity

Childhood obesity: Simple tips how parents can prevent this condition in kids!

Childhood obesity has become very common nowadays and there are many reasons for it.

Heart disease

'Healthy oils, low-heat cooking can reduce heart problems of South Asians'

Preventing coronary heart disease (CHD) is not just about what you eat but is also linked to the cooking style you adopt, according to a team of international researchers who say urbanised South Asian's susceptibility to the disease is partly due to high-heat cooking methods such as roasting or frying.

Bacterial infections

How cranberries help fight harmful bacterial infections!

A new research has found that cranberry extract has the potential to interrupt communication between harmful bacteria, thus stopping spread of infections and paving way to developing alternative approaches in controlling infections.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer: Erratic lifestyle, less nursing of babies major risk factors behind disease

Stressful and erratic lifestyle, mothers not nursing babies adequately, smoking and pollution have put women at higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Heart disease

Heart disease: What increases your risk, tips to reduce it!

Heart disease is caused by plaque buildup in the wall of the arteries that supply blood to the heart.

Wearable robot

Lower-limb wearing robot to help paralytic patients move

Researchers from Beihang University in China and Aalborg University in Denmark developed the wearable robot to greatly improve patients' comfort and willingness to wear it for gait rehabilitation.

Bird flu

Bird flu: Centre issues health alert to states

Birds in Delhi, Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) and Kerala have tested positive avian influenza AH5N8, which according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), is considered less risky of being transmitted to humans. But the government is taking no chances.

Mild cognitive impairment

Muscle strength may help to improve brain function

The findings show a positive causal link between muscle adaptations to progressive resistance training and the functioning of the brain among those over the age of 55 with MCI.


Early intervention by parents can improve child’s autism: Study

The study published in Lancet, a medical journal, reveals that a year-long training program can help parents communicate with their very young autistic children and reduce symptoms of the disorder up to six years later.

Baby born twice

Medical miracle: Baby girl 'born' twice in America!

Margaret's baby weighed only 583 grams when it was pulled out of the womb for 20 minutes for the surgical process.


Old blood as good as new for patient survival: Study

Using the freshest blood for transfusion may not necessarily improve patients survival rates, Canadian researchers have found.


Highly caffeinated beverages mixed with alcohol affects brain

Drinking highly caffeinated beverages mixed with alcohol will trigger changes in the adolescent brain which are similar to taking cocaine, study suggests.

physical activity

Armaan Malik stresses on importance of physical activity, feels technology promotes laziness

Popular Bollywod singer Armaan Malik, who has sung hits songs like 'Naina' and 'Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon' talks about the importance of physical activity.


Pregnancy in young women may increase risk of stroke, says study

A new study has revealed that young pregnant women are more at risk of strokes as compared to their older counterparts of childbearing age.


Know what causes migraine headaches

 A migraine is a severe headache and also the most common and painful things that a person can experience.

RespiratoryCare Week 2016

Five lesser-known herbs that heal respiratory infections and boost lung health

Luckily Mother Nature has some magical ways that can undo the damage done to our lungs and restore them to a healthier state.


Aerobic exercise may ward off memory decline in elderly

In vascular cognitive impairment, problems with memory and thinking skills result from damage to large and small blood vessels in the brain.

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Five signs that may be indicative of the illness!

It can have a profound impact on someone’s life, and in some cases, it is even considered debilitating.


Sleeping beside your baby can cause cot death

New-born babies should be put to bed in the same bedroom as their parents but not on the same bed for the first year of their life.


Ray of hope to improve HIV drug therapies

 A new research, through the use of nanotechnology, now aims to improve the administration and availability of drug therapies to HIV patients.

Hip replacement surgery

Hip surgery does not improve physical activity: Study

A new study has found that patients who underwent hip replacement surgery have showen little improvement in their physical activity levels like walking, cycling or climbing stairs.

Fungal disease

Coffee plant disease not caused by climate change: Study

Fears that climate change is promoting a fungal disease which can devastate coffee crops may not be true as there is no evidence found to prove this, researchers say.

Diwali health tips

Diwali Special: Seven simple tips for safe and healthy celebrations!

With the festival of lights round the corner, we are all set for celebrations with shopping, making sweets and decorating the house being the top priority. 

Mental health

Five simple ways to improve your mental health!

We often tend to neglect our mental health in front of our physical health. 

Iman Ahmad Abdulati

At 500 kilograms, is this 36-year-old the world's heaviest woman?

Iman was diagnosed with elephantiasis soon after she was born.


Onion compound may help fight ovarian cancer, say researchers

A natural compound isolated from onions may help treat the most common type of ovarian cancer, a new study has claimed.