Amazing facts about humans revealed!

ANI| Updated: Oct 18, 2013, 10:59 AM IST

London: An average human being eats approximately 35 tons of food and grow 590 miles of hair in their lifetime, it has been revealed.

The new book 'Numberland' by Mitchell Symons has revealed that 19 percent of British people have never visited a McDonald's and10 percent of British adults admit to wearing the same item of underwear three days in a row, the Daily Express.

The book published by Michael O'Mara Books disclosed some fascinating facts and statistics about humans which shows that a person who smokes 20 cigarettes a day, on an average loses 2 teeth every 10 years and a person will walk 3 times around the world in the average lifetime.

The book also uncovered that an average human could lift 25 tons if all 600 muscles in the body pulled in one direction and a person can go without sleep for 10 days before dying.

Some interesting facts about human body as revealed in the book are that an individual sheds 121 litres of tears in a lifetime; human sneeze travels 100 miles per hour and that the human brain is capable of recording 86,000,000 bits of information per day.