Americans being increasingly lured by `cheap and effective` Indian `medical tourism`

Washington:`Medical tourism`, a term that has become synonymous with India, is increasingly drawing huge number of Americans simply for the reason that this country provides all the medical treatments at a fraction of the cost.

Implants and other cosmetic surgeries are far cheaper in India than in the US other than the medically-necessary procedures which are also less-expensive.

The bill for a heart bypass that may hit 1, 45, 000 dollars in the US will likely be no more than 10,500 dollars in India while a hip replacement that can cost 1, 00, 000 dollars runs no more than 9,500 dollars in India, Washington Times reports.

The report said that along with having a professional skill and a high level of patient care, this country offers striking savings as many insurance companies gladly reimburse policyholders for major surgeries.

Companion Global Healthcare based in Columbia, S.C. has a network of 25 accredited hospitals in 13 countries of which the largest number, seven, are in India and patients treated at these facilities can save up to 80 percent off US hospital charges.

The company`s president David Boucher said that there is an increasing number of patients going to India every year and it is not just the lower costs; because of the proficiency and experience of Indian doctors, the rate of post-operative complications is lower in India than in most US hospitals.

The report added that Indian medical professionals have achieved world-class status and practice using many of the most advanced techniques in a network of privately run hospitals and associated medical institutes in India.